Meet The Guys

Meet The Guys

There are many people who contribute to this website. Here are just a couple…

Paul Hart: Author/Founder

Paul Hart was just your average pastor’s kid. He grew up in church and fought the Lord every step of the way. Fast forward to today and things have changed. Paul and his wife, Heather, serve the Lord side-by-side. Besides their ministry to teens, they also help other Christian authors with designing, publishing and marketing their books. Paul designed our logo, book covers and much more. You can find out more about Paul and Heather’s author ministry at

CJ Hitz: Contributor

CJ is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. CJ attended Anderson University (Indiana) where he received his BA in Sociology. He also met his wife Shelley at this fine institution while doing some time in prison…prison ministry that is. In his downtime, he enjoys spending time outdoors running, hiking and exploring God’s beautiful creation. He also does a pretty mean impression of Scooby Doo and Shaggy. CJ and Shelley reside in Colorado Springs, CO.

You can learn more about CJ and his ministry at:

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