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Looking for free teen devotionals just for guys? I mean, let’s face it. Girls and guys don’t face the same issues in high school – not even close. That’s why we offer free devotions written with teen guys in mind.

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Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite

Are you a teen guy struggling to maintain your Christian faith? Do you know a teen guy facing that challenge? 21 Teen Devotionals… For Guys! by Paul Hart and C.J. Hitz contains hard-hitting and direct devotionals aimed at teenage guys and the challenges they face on a daily basis. The scriptural references deal directly with the issues being discussed in the devotional in a way that brings them to life and helps the reader apply the lesson to their own life. Some of the challenges discussed include: being a real man, standing strong, the lure of porn, spiritual dehydration, and girls vs. cars. Each of the devotionals tackles the meat of the problem with few wasted words and goes directly to what God’s Word says about the issue. The devotional also includes a list of links recommended as resources for further reading and further spiritual growth.

Paul Hart and C.J. Hitz have designed a devotional guide that really gets down to the meat of the issues in an honest and direct manner. It is the kind of straight talk that teen guys need in order to grow as Christians, continue in their faith, and face the challenges of living as a teenager. As the pressures to conform to a world that is spinning out of control mount, 21 Teen Devotionals… For Guys! is a quiet voice of reason and order that can help a young man take up his sword and shield and defend the faith. Honest, direct, and encouraging; a great way to stay focused in the faith.

Topics Covered:

  • True Strength
  • Pornography
  • Goals
  • Pride
  • Girls
  • Sports
  • Drugs
  • Peer Pressure
  • Bullying
  • Friendship
  • Cheating
  • The Bible
  • And more…

Read a Sample Devotion:

From day 6…

A Message to You & Me
Written by CJ Hitz

“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

– Revelation 2:7

If you listen to the radio or watch TV, you’ve most likely heard the phrase, “And now a word from our sponsor.” Or perhaps the phrase, “This program brought to you by…” The sponsor is the person or company responsible for providing the funds or resources necessary to allow the program to continue.

Recently, I was able to receive some sponsorship as a runner from one of our local running stores. The store provided a racing singlet with their logo along with a pair of racing shorts, up to three pairs of shoes each year and a nice discount on other store merchandise. I’m very thankful to be on their racing team and more than happy to promote their business.

As Christians, our Sponsor is our Father in heaven, the program being funded is the Church and the funds that make this program possible are the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Father’s only Son. Without this payment, the Church wouldn’t exist. We lack the funds in and of ourselves to start, let alone, keep the program “on the air.”

In Revelation chapters 2 & 3 we see “a word from our Sponsor.” In fact, we see Jesus saying something specific for each of the seven different churches listed in these chapters. At the end of each instance, we see the following words…

“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

In other words, we interrupt this program to bring you a word from our sponsor. For each of these churches, Jesus had an important message He wanted to deliver. He was essentially saying, “Hey Church, listen up!” These messages are also for you & me today. Unlike outdated TV commercials from the 1970s & 80s, these messages from Jesus are always relevant for every generation.


As men part of the Church today, do we have ears to hear the word from our Sponsor?

Application Step:

Take time to read Revelation chapters 2 & 3 today or split it into two days. Pay close attention to the messages Jesus has for each church. What do you hear the Lord saying to you personally?


Lord, I ask that you give me ears to hear what you have to say to me today. It could be that my ears have been clogged with the ear wax of the world. Do whatever you feel necessary to unclog them so that I can hear clearly again, Amen.

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