True Strength Challenge

Hey Guys, listen up…

Do you work out? Do you ever go to the gym, for a run, or just lift some weights or work out on your own?

You wouldn’t go to the gym or weight room and just sit around watching and listening to other people work out – right? So why do we do that with our faith? Why do we sit in church on Sunday, but we leave the preaching to the pastor, the Bible study to the adults, the witnessing to the Jesus Freaks?

God’s Word calls us to exercise our own faith. 1 Timothy 4:7-8 says:

“…exercise yourself toward godliness. For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.”

So in a culture that idolizes personal strength and satisfaction, it’s time to take a stand for True Strength. It’s time to take the “True Strength Challenge.”


Three Steps in the True Strength Challenge…

Step #1: Define True Strength

As the first part of the “True Strength Challenge,” I am asking you to define what true strength really is – in your own words. We have several articles here on this website and even a book that can help you discover the truth about true strength – but the import thing is to really accept it and one way to do that is to write it out in your own words.

Step #2: Live It

It’s time to apply what you’re learning about true strength to your life and start living it. It takes time to find your true strength, especially when the media and your friends pressure you to focus on, and idolize, your personal strength. Therefore, I am asking you to commit to reading a devotion every day. You can get our devotions free here. They’ll help you find out what true strength is all about and apply it to your life. I’d recommend finding some other guys to go through the devotions with, that way you can hold each other accountable and support each other as you find your true strength.

Now, here’s the real challenge:

Take everything you are learning about true strength and start living it. Start taking steps towards living a life of strength, start developing habits to exercise your faith, and strive to become the man that God has called you to be by applying your definition of true strength to your life.

Think of it like this – A spiritual weight room. Start by doing bench presses every day by spending 5 minutes in prayer before school. Once you get in the habit of that, extend it to 10 minutes – build your way up. Don’t just work out one muscle – include others as well. Do squats by memorizing scriptures. Do some push-ups by reading devotions every day. Go for a run by meeting with other teens to discuss scripture. Don’t forget that you are the body of God.

“Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.”
– James 3:13

Optional: Take It A Step Further

Consider all of the money you normally spend on your personal strength and satisfaction each month. Then, find something that would cost you about $30 for the month… it could be a gym membership, movie tickets, a new video game, an extra tank of gas, etc. and for one month, go without that membership or give up a trip to the movies and spend that money to help someone else get their basic needs provided for.

Here are some options:

1.) Help Fight Hunger in Your Community

You can make a difference in your community by donating food and supplies to your local shelter or food bank. Before you dismiss the idea check out this article CJ’s wife, Shelley, wrote to show how easy it is to get a lot of food for a little cash.

Help fight hunger in your community

2.) Provide Clean Water Overseas

You can make a difference in someone overseas by providing clean water through the Living Water International. Just $1 can provide one guy your age clean water for a year – and by giving up something that costs you $30, you can provide 30 guys with clean water for a whole year. Talk about true strength! You’ve probably heard that your body is 90% water – and you know that drinking water helps filter out the toxins in your system after a good workout. Well, it also sustains all of life! Without clean water, people are dying from preventable diseases every day. And you can make a difference!

Make your donation to Living Water International here

3.) Sponsor a Missionary in Asia

CJ and his wife help spread the gospel in some of the most unreached areas of the world by sponsoring a missionary through GFA. You can even donate to provide food, blankets, and more as a one-time gift.

Gospel for Asia

4.) Sponsor a Child through Compassion

Let’s say you realize you could go without that extra $30/month for one year? In that case, I would encourage you to take that money you spend on your outer Strength and sponsor a boy in another country through Compassion. Not only do you help provide clean water for them, but also food, education and basic health care. On top of that, you develop a relationship with them by writing letters back and forth and he learns about Jesus through the Compassion program. Wow.

Sign up to sponsor a boy from Compassion here

You can be part of something much bigger than yourself – on your own or in a group. Will you take the plunge and join in the “True Strength Challenge” for one month or even a year?

Step #3: Speak Up

Spread the word about what you’re learning about true strength. Share our free devotions with your friends, post about our site on your Facebook page, or record your own video about true strength to post on YouTube. You can find other ways to join us in speaking up for true strength here.

Optional: Display Your True Strength

Take a stand and display your true strength with one of our custom designed t-shirts. Or design your own t-shirt, ball cap, etc.

Then, when people ask you about it, share with them what you’ve learned on this website and encourage them to come check it out. You never know whose life you could impact by displaying your true strength! Get your shirt, hat, tie or key chain today by clicking the link below:

So, Are You Up to the Challenge?

Join us in making a difference…

If you’re in, leave a comment below to let us know.


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